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Data Center Network Connectivity

        On the Internet, speed is king! Simply put, slow web sites turn customers off. The return on your advertising investment is increased when your web pages and applications download quickly.

       According to Boardwatch Magizine, a majority of Internet traffic is carried by  major Internet backbones. To ensure that webpages and applications reach your end users with the least amount of delay, our data center is directly linked to four major Internet backbones via rich fiber connections.  

        Because most end users can reach a server hosted at our Data Center via any one of the major backbones, the most common network problem on the Internet is avoided by eliminating the neccessity to interconnect between backbone carriers at peering points and decrease the number of hops between the end user and the web server.

       We do not exchange traffic free with other providers at public exchange points such as MAE-East and MAE-West. Such peering agreements do not provide for any service quality guarantee. In fact, public exchange points often lead to greater packet loss.

      Our state-of-the-art Internet Data Center network is engineered for high performance and redundancy. It has rich fiber connections to multiple major carriers with scalable bandwidth capacity of Gigabit Ethernet or higher.

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