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Q:  What is the origin of the name Bestnet and what does it mean?

A: The Bestnet name comes from the phrase Best of the Internet Software Applications. Through extensive research, Bestnet locates, tests and markets the best software in each business application category. The software is then installed on our high-tech Cloud Computing based server farms and hosted as an online business application. Therefore, customers do not need to purchase any sever hardware or install any business software. With hosted hardware and software, customers may sign up online and begin their chosen applications within minutes.

Q:  What are the advantages of hosting software applications on a Bestnet Cloud Computing farm compared to those hosted on a single server?

A: Software applications hosted on Bestnet Cloud Computing based server farms benefit from a level a redundancy not available on single server platforms. Bestnet Could Computing server farms provide:


  1. 1. Redundant electric power: All hardware components are supplied with via separate electrical utility feeds into the data center building, dual UPS backup battery systems, and dual diesel power generator systems.
  2. 2. Redundant computer servers: In the rare event that any hardware server should fail, the applications are instantly and automatically switched to redundant servers.
  3. 3. Redundant data disks: Bestnet deploys two hot spare disks in addition to dual parity disks in all RAID groups.
  4. 4. Redundant Backbone bandwidth: Bestnet maintains redundant upstream backbones connections that consist of multi-homed (BGP4) direct fiber GigE connections into four different Tier 1 Internet backbone providers.


Q: We want to setup a website for our company. Which service should we select?

A: If you want to build a website without any programming, you can choose our Concrete5 Website Builder service. Concrete5 allows you to select a design theme and then easily add and edit your web content with any web browser. If you prefer to use an HTML editing program such as Dreamweaver, use PHP and a MySQL database to create your website, then you may choose the DirectAdmin Website Hosting service. If you want to use Microsoft Active Server Page or .NET tools and Microsoft SQL to create your website, you may choose the WebsitePanel Windows Hosting service.

Q: We like to resell your software application services Do you offer any reseller packages?

A: If you subscribe to three or more Bestnet application services, you may apply for reseller discount status. If you have a large customer base and are willing to manage your own servers, we recommend a hosted dedicated server.  We offer virtual dedicated servers at our vServer Center website: We also offer physical dedicated servers at our Cybercon website: With a dedicated server, you can host unlimited software applications as long as you have enough hardware resources to support them.

Q: Does Bestnet host any applications that are not listed on the product list?

A: Yes. Bestnet can host just about any software application that is designed to run on a server. Although Bestnet can install just about any customer requested Software, those customers are expected to understand and support their own software. For Custom Software Application Hosting, please contact our sales team via our online sales form.

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